Thursday, April 19, 2012

36 days left!

WOW I can’t believe I only have 36 days left until the wedding. This time has gone by so slow!!!! I just realized that we’ve been engaged for almost a year. Well it will be 11 ½ month engagement. I really wasn’t trying to have a yearlong engagement, but we didn’t make up our mind about having a wedding until September instead of June. I actually regret deciding to go with the wedding. This has been painful and stressful and EXPENSIVE! I didn’t plan on spending this much money. Plus we wanted to keep it small and intimate and somehow this wedding has turned into almost 150 people. Who are all of these folks. LOL. I really appreciate all the love we are getting from our family and friends. I’m glad everyone wants to spend that special moment with us, but when I say everyone, I mean everyone. Especially people who I (we) don’t even talk too or know. That’s the crazy part. I don’t think I would invite myself to anyone’s wedding especially someone I am not that close too. Facebook friends does not mean we are friends and does not mean you can come to our wedding. As the young people say, IJS. Everyone can’t come because I am not trying to spend all the extra money. Plus we have a small venue and people just don’t seem to understand that. So we also decided not to have children at our wedding. You would’ve thought we cursed out people kids. Some people are mad at us for that and guess what, I don’t care. It is our day and I’m not going to let anyone ruin it. If you can’t find a babysitter, stay at home. I will not listen to kids screaming and crying and I will not pay full price for a child to eat when they will take one bite or 2. Call me mean and selfish, I don’t care. I guess it is hard for me to understand since I don’t have children. That’s fine. That is my choice. Sorry if this post offends anyone, but I just have to vent. Like I said, this is our wedding and our post so we (I) can say our we feel. Happy planning and I can’t wait to see my close friends and family at my wedding and I guess I will have to deal with the other people we don’t know.

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