Monday, January 2, 2012

Trying to get the small details out the way

Now that we are in the New Year and it is actually 2012, I just realized that we have a little less than 5 months until the wedding. I’m in the process of really trying to get things together now (especially small details). Last week, my fiancĂ© and I went to the food tasting and met the chef who is catering our wedding. The food is so good. I’m so excited and I’m ready to eat. We are going to have some heavy food. It is late an evening wedding so I figured people will be hungry. If you are looking for really cute finger food then this is not the wedding for you to attend.
I finally picked out my flower girls dresses. I’m excited about that especially the color. My wedding is really not traditional and somewhat different. I’m switching things up. Either people will really love it or really hate it! Either way, I will love it!
I finally got my flower girl baskets, guestbook and pen set, garter, ring bearer pillow, and sand ceremony set. I also got my jewelry and veil. I love veils. They are so cute and they really bring out your dress. Now I’m debating on my shoes. I want a funky color, but my fiancĂ© and one of my bridesmaids doesn’t see my vision for colorful shoes on my special day. We will see what I pick. There are so many small details when it comes to preparing for weddings. I’m finally excited.
Next week: cake tasting! CAKE, CAKE, CAKE. I LOVE CAKE. I can’t wait to taste all of the delicious cakes around Atlanta. Until we meet again…happy wedding shopping!